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Thed Björk, Norbert Michelisz and Esteban Guerrieri were first, second and third fastest respectively in the battle for the DHL Pole Position in Second Qualifying at WTCR Race of China-Ningbo. This is what they had to say afterwards.

Thed Björk (YMR, Hyundai i30 N TCR): DHL Pole Position Race 3 (1m50.371s)
“It’s really good but Esteban really put the pressure on me in Q2. But I felt like if I can connect the lap maybe I can do a good lap, maybe not like he did, but a very competitive lap and it was enough so I am really happy. At home my family is sleeping now but it’s been tough work for my wife, she is pushing and I can relax here when she is doing that so I just keep pushing. The first race is the reverse grid but the second race today, will be the same as the first race yesterday! The others are catching up, they see what I do, they catch up, the track evolves with the grip levels and so on and they are really competitive drivers. I can only focus on myself and putting the lap I have together 100 per cent. I was really close. In Q3 it was a really smooth lap, it was not a fantastic lap, smooth and it was enough, consistent and consistency won me the championship last year.”

Norbert Michelisz (BRC Racing Team, Hyundai i30 N TCR): P2 (1m50.474s)
“It was an okay performance and I’m a bit more happy than yesterday. I managed to extract the most of myself and the car today. Yesterday it was a bit down to driving that I lost out on pole. But starting from the front row it’s a good possibility to win the race and that’s my aim for this afternoon. I didn’t look at the weather forecast but I think we should have bit hotter than yesterday but we are prepared for that so it shouldn’t be any problem.”

Esteban Guerrieri (ALL-INKL.COM Münnich Motorsport, Honda Civic Type R TCR): P3 (1m50.517s)
“Actually my lap time was showing the same time I did in Q2 so I thought it was pole but then [my engineer] said P3 and I start to think where I lost the time, maybe a bit in the braking for Turn 5, here and there. The lap was good but I am a little disappointed. P1 in Q2, of course I improved from my previous lap but I thought I could repeat [my Q2 performance]. I would prefer pole position and now they know my overtaking tricks already. It will be two tough races but now I am thinking about the end of qualifying because I always like to put it together and go for pole.